The Canola Fields are blooming in the Western Cape

Stop what you are doing and head to the Overberg to witness the Canola Fields, which are currently blooming in the Western Cape!

The Canola Fields Are Blooming

I just came back from a 2 week trip to Cape Town and during that time I packed up the car, my boys, and my mom and headed off on the N2 to De Hoop Nature Reserve for a much-needed break. On the way there we were pleasantly surprised by the blooming Canola Fields.

Just as we passed Sir Lowry’s Pass and before we got to Caledon we witnessed farm after farm of Canola Fields. And, yes, I stopped at almost every single one of them. My mother and my sons are so used to me just pulling the car over to the side of the road and spending a few minutes taking lots of photos. As we were in farm country, we did see a lot of cows, horses, and surprisingly so many Blue Cranes. I had never seen so many Blue Cranes in my life. At almost every watering hole on every farm, there would be a flock of them resting, drinking water and eating.

My favourite Canola Fields Photos:

Canola FieldsCanola FieldsCanola FieldsCanola FieldsCanola FieldsCanola FieldsCanola FieldsCanola FieldsCanola Fields Canola Fields Canola Fields Canola Fields Canola Fields Canola Fields Canola FieldsCanola Fields

I had won a stay at the De Hoop Collection by taking part in a TravelChatSA Twitter Chat – I will be writing about that a little bit later in the month. I cannot wait to share this wonderful experience with you all.

And on a personal note, I am so happy to announce that I will be moving back to Cape Town at the end of the year! Oh to have grandparents around the corner, cousins for my boys to grow up with and my mountain in plain view every day!

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    Craig Lotter
    22nd Aug 2017 at 10:28 am

    Always love this part of the year when the canola fields start showing! 🙂 (Also, love your photo of all the blue cranes out and about!)

    • Reply
      22nd Aug 2017 at 10:44 am

      I agree, it is a beautiful time of year! I was very surprised about seeing the Blue Cranes. It was such a special sighting that will stay with me forever.

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