Sunday Drives: Franschhoek

The drive to Franschhoek is a real pretty one, and as it is located about an hour away, it makes for an ideal Sunday drive. Once there, you are spoiled for choice: wine estates, restaurants, galleries, nature. There really is something for anyone. I have visited quite a lot as I used to go in for work every month and I wanted to show my boys the town.

A few weeks ago, the surrounding mountains had a dusting of snow and I knew my boys would love to see it. I also wanted to take them to the Farm Sanctuary which is home of the famous Pigcasso – the famous painting pig!

Now, I have been photographing since the year 2000. Half my life. It was my first time that I arrived at my destination with a flat camera battery. So all my images were taken with my cellphone.

Pretty Franschhoek

Dominique in the City - Franschhoek from the pass
Dominique in the City - Franschhoek

Farm Sanctuary in Franschhoek

The Farm Sanctuary is a boutique and inspiring sanctuary for rescued farmed animals and is also home to the famous painting pig, ‘Pigcasso’. Established in 2016, Farm Sanctuary aims to awaken a positive connection between consumers and farm animals and to inspire a more compassionate and sustainable world for all. 

Dominique in the City - Franschhoek Farm Santuary
Dominique in the City - Franschhoek

Snow kissed mountains

The snow kissed mountains of Franschhoek is a sight to behold. Unfortunately, every man and his dog was there to view it too and we couldn’t get any closer than from the Franschhoek Pass. Alas, the snow is gone now, so we will have to try again next year (but with better planning).

Dominique in the City - Franschhoek mountains
Dominique in the City - Franschhoek mountains

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