My Top 5 Reasons to visit Darling

The quaint little town of Darling has stolen my heart and while I dream of one day buying a beautiful house with windows that look out on the vineyards, for now I just have to be content with counting down the days until I can visit again.

Here are my Top 5 Reasons to visit Darling now:


Darling is famous for the Spring Wildflowers and the time to visit is now! From the end of August until October, the hills come alive with a variety of Wildflowers.

Dominique-in-the-city-Ormonde-7 Dominique-in-the-city-Darling-Landscape-7 Dominique-in-the-city-Granary-12

Wine and Craft Beer

Darling boasts many award-winning wine farms and one amazing Craft Beer Brewery: Darling Brew. So whatever your taste, you will find it in this adorable town. I visited Ormonde Wines on my recent visit and they offer Wine Tastings, Chocolate & Wine Pairing and delicious Picnics.Dominique-in-the-city-Ormonde-11 Dominique-in-the-city-Ormonde-8 Dominique-in-the-city-Darling-Brew-8 Dominique-in-the-city-Darling-Brew-19

Evita se Perron

Take in a show at Evita se Perron and get entertained by the fabulous Pieter-Dirk Uys on many topics affecting South Africa: it’s people, it’s politics and so much more.DSK20160112-83 DSK20160112-88

Darling Sweet

Everyone that knows me, knows that I have a sweet tooth and Darling Sweet is like manna from heaven. Choose from a variety of amazing flavours, mine is Tannie Evita’s Classic Toffee. You can also watch the toffees being made and enjoy a toffee tasting with Fritz.Dominique-in-the-city-Darling-Sweet-3 Dominique-in-the-city-Darling-Sweet-5 DSK20160112-10


Darling has a variety of accommodation options available, but the last time I stay there, I stayed at The Granary Petite Hotel. It was very comfortable and as neat as a pin. Breakfast was served at Chicory Cheese Cafe which is located in the same building as the hotel. I stayed as a guest of West Coast Way SA and The Granary Petite Hotel.Dominique-in-the-city-Granary-20 Dominique-in-the-city-Granary-5 Dominique-in-the-city-Chicory-Cheese-1

So if you are looking for a little road trip to a quaint little town full of culture, great food & drink, look no further than Darling.


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