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A slightly awkward, introverted traveller, photographer and wannabe writer who enjoys many South African sunrises & sunsets, long dusty road trips, quirky farm stalls and unique experiences – to name a few.

Dominique in the City

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About me

I got bitten by the travel bug at a very young age. Growing up in a tiny diamond mining town in Namibia meant many road trips: from quick weekends to Cape Town to stock up on essentials (there was only ONE shop in that tiny town) to camping trips – we spent lots of time on the road. I have fond memories of braaing under the stars and long endless roads flanked by the beautiful South African landscape. A road trip is still one of my favourite ways to get to my destination.

I studied photography at Ruth Prowse School of Art and after I moved to Johannesburg in 2013 I began writing blogs for City Sightseeing South Africa. From there I made my way into Social Media. I manage the accounts of brands that are all hospitality or tourism related.

Dominique in the City

It was natural for me to start a Travel Blog, I have been working in the tourism industry for a couple of years, and like most people, love to travel. And I wanted a small slice of the internet to share my stories.

She’s so awkward

I have always been a little bit awkward and introverted. Extending my hand just as someone is coming in for a hug is just one small example, and don’t get me started on public speaking. Can anyone relate? Just me then? Okay. Awkwardness aside, being behind my camera has always made me braver. I love telling stories through photography and if you haven’t noticed, most of my blog entries are picture heavy. I am particularly fond of landscape photography.

Most of my content is self-funded but I occasionally do some work for some brands. Disclosures appear at the bottom of those posts and I maintain full editorial control of all the content on my blog.

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