A day in the Kruger National Park

The Kruger National Park is the second-largest game reserve in Africa and the largest in South Africa. I have been wanting to visit the Kruger for a long time and when my husband asked where I wanted to go for our 8th anniversary I immediately said: The Kruger! Unfortunately, due to work commitments, we could only go for a weekend. With so little time, we were determined to make the most of it. I am no wildlife photographer, but I absolutely loved photographing the animals and the park.

Signs of spring were everywhere, from beautiful flowers to little baby animals. We stayed at the Paul Kruger Protea Hotel, which is located literally 1 minute from the Paul Kruger Gate.

DSK20150912-2 DSK20150912-3 DSK20150912-4 DSK20150912-6 DSK20150912-9 DSK20150912-10 DSK20150912-11The Paul Kruger Gate:DSK20150912-12 DSK20150912-13

As soon as we entered the park, we were greeted by a herd of elephants!

DSK20150912-14 DSK20150912-15 DSK20150912-16 DSK20150912-17 DSK20150912-18 DSK20150912-19 DSK20150912-20 DSK20150912-21 DSK20150912-22 DSK20150912-23 DSK20150912-24 DSK20150912-25 DSK20150912-26 DSK20150912-27There are many rest-stops with fast-food facilities, where you can safely get out of your car. We spotted this amazing Kombi!DSK20150912-28 DSK20150912-29 DSK20150912-30All the roads are well marked, and the majority of roads are tarred, however there are many gravel roads that are easy to explore. We found these little detours to be quieter than the main routes, in terms of traffic, but abundant in wildlife!DSK20150912-32 DSK20150912-33 DSK20150912-35 DSK20150912-36When in the Kruger, the animals have right of way!DSK20150912-38The Nkumbe Lookout is a breathtaking spot where you can view the whole park. It is so very quiet and the view is spectacular.DSK20150912-39 DSK20150912-41 DSK20150912-43 DSK20150912-44 DSK20150912-45 DSK20150912-47 DSK20150912-49 DSK20150912-50 DSK20150912-51 DSK20150912-52 DSK20150912-53 DSK20150912-56 DSK20150912-57 DSK20150912-58 DSK20150912-59 DSK20150912-60 DSK20150912-61We will definitely return to the Kruger. The kids had so much fun seeing all the animals. We got to see 4 of the big 5 (no lions), but we did see a leopard, and that is rare.

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