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I went on my 2nd Instameet this morning with my sister-in-law, Jennifer. I picked her up at 5:30am and we headed into the Johannesburg CBD. Everyone met outside 1Fox at 6am, ready to discover Johannesburg!DSK20151003-1 DSK20151003-2 DSK20151003-3This was one of 3 Instameets happening in Gauteng over the weekend which coincided with other worldwide Instameets.

We were asked to take a portraits of new “InstaFriends”, upload to Instagram and tag with #todayimet.

Well, #todayimet @thenakedginger and @mthembisi101 – look them up on Instagram and give them a follow!

DSK20151003-70DSK20151003-51We took a walk around the Mining District and somehow a small group of us lost the main group. But it was okay. We found our way to the old, gutted post office and stopped at the Johannesburg Library, which is so beautiful.

DSK20151003-4 DSK20151003-5 DSK20151003-6 DSK20151003-7 DSK20151003-8 DSK20151003-9 DSK20151003-11 DSK20151003-12 DSK20151003-13 DSK20151003-14 DSK20151003-15 DSK20151003-17 DSK20151003-18 DSK20151003-20 DSK20151003-21 DSK20151003-24 DSK20151003-28 DSK20151003-29 DSK20151003-35 DSK20151003-37 DSK20151003-38 DSK20151003-39 DSK20151003-44 DSK20151003-45 DSK20151003-46 DSK20151003-47 DSK20151003-48 DSK20151003-49 DSK20151003-52It was a wonderful morning discovering the inner city, meeting new friends and taking photographs. We all met up at The Sheds @ 1 Fox for the morning market for coffee and brunch.DSK20151003-53 DSK20151003-54 DSK20151003-55 DSK20151003-57 DSK20151003-58 DSK20151003-59 DSK20151003-60 DSK20151003-63 DSK20151003-64 DSK20151003-65 DSK20151003-66 DSK20151003-69 DSK20151003-71 DSK20151003-72 DSK20151003-74 DSK20151003-76 DSK20151003-78 DSK20151003-79 DSK20151003-81

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