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The Vibrant V&A Waterfront

The vibrant V&A Waterfront is situated in the heart of Cape Town’s charming harbour, with sweeping views of Table Mountain, the ocean and the city. I have been visiting the V&A Waterfront since I was about 13 years old, my favourite spot was always Marcel’s Frozen Yoghurt and always had to have a tub of English Toffee with every visit. This has not changed!

As I have grown into an adult, so has the V&A Waterfront grown into one of my favourite places in Cape Town to visit. Why do I love it? Well, firstly it has everything: restaurants, shopping, entertainment, kids play areas and beautiful views of Cape Town. Secondly, there is always something happening at the V&A Waterfront – from their Historical Walking Tours, to live entertainment at the amphitheatre – there is something for everyone.

Now that I have children, the Kids Ahoy areas come in handy when visiting the Waterfront. Kids can play and stretch their legs, while I enjoy my tub of Frozen Yoghurt. It’s a win-win situation!

They have a fabulous food market at Market on the Wharf, where you can select from a wide variety of stalls. Find the Watershed next door, this beautiful space is home to more than 150 tenants, offering a vast selection of products from clothing, ceramics, art, fashion and jewellery.

But my favourite thing to do at the V&A Waterfront is to walk around, people watch and take photographs. You can spend an hour, easily, sitting on a bench watching the boats coming and going in the harbour.

If only I could live at the V&A Waterfront, then my life would be complete! That is definitely a life goal that I am working towards! I will be dreaming about the V&A Waterfront until my next visit to Cape Town. DSK20160117-1 DSK20160117-8 DSK20160117-9 DSK20160117-12 DSK20160117-7DSK20160117-16 DSK20160117-17 DSK20160117-18 DSK20160117-19 DSK20160117-22 DSK20160117-23

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