Take me back to the beach

Take me back to the beach…

As I sit here in Joburg, going through all my photographs of my most recent trip to Cape Town, I can’t help but think back to one of our most simplest days, spent exploring Kalk Bay and frolicking in the ocean at St James.

One thing I miss most about Cape Town is the fresh sea air. There is nothing like it. And I must admit, it does feel really weird living so far from the ocean. Not that Joburg doesn’t have its own beauty.

The day was intensely hot, the wind was howling so we decided to get out of the city and took a drive to Kalk Bay. And you know what? Not a single breeze was felt there. We took a walk on one of the fishing piers in Kalk Bay and checked out all the fishermen, seals and the very cool lighthouse.

The pier was busy with boats coming and going, fishermen fishing off the pier, people cleaning the fish and sea gulls just waiting for a handout or an easy target!

We visited Olympia Cafe – because really, how can you visit Kalk Bay and not pop in there for a florentine, croissant or giant chocolate chip cookie?

Afterwards, we took a quick drive to St James where we cooled off in the water. It was so beautiful and peaceful there. The boys collected shells and even saw a crab with a shell on its back scurrying along in the water. The water was so lovely, and I struggled to get the boys out after hours of playing in it.

Cape Town boasts many spectacular beaches, but what sets the St James beach apart is that it is quite sheltered from the wind and has those quirky & colourful changing huts.

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