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Protea Hotel Victoria Junction

The Protea Hotel Victoria Junction is located in Green Point, and I recently stayed there on a quick trip to Cape Town.  I was in town for the SA Travel Bloggers Awards, which I was quite excited about.  I was looking forward to meeting fellow travel bloggers, networking and learning a thing or two.


But mostly, as a mom of two young boys, I was looking forward to sleeping like a queen in a quiet hotel room. I am sure moms out there can relate! This was my first ever solo trip and believe me, I enjoyed it. From reading a book on the airplane to not having to raise my voice, I really had a great time-out.

Protea Hotel Victoria Junction

I decided on the Protea Hotel Victoria Junction for 2 reasons: the location – it was literally a R20 Uber ride to the V&A Waterfront; and the price. This Protea Hotel was decorated with suitcases and chairs on the face brick walls, beautiful lighting fixtures and screed floors – very funky, contemporary and sophisticated.

Dominique-in-the-city-Victoria-Junction-Protea-Hotel-6 Dominique-in-the-city-Victoria-Junction-Protea-Hotel-18 Dominique-in-the-city-Victoria-Junction-Protea-Hotel-17

My room was on the 3rd floor and faced Signal Hill. It was warm and inviting and did I mention quiet? Yes, there was ambient noise from the road, Green Point is, after all a busy suburb, but that never bothered me.

Dominique-in-the-city-Victoria-Junction-Protea-Hotel-1 Dominique-in-the-city-Victoria-Junction-Protea-Hotel-3 Dominique-in-the-city-Victoria-Junction-Protea-Hotel-5

Their breakfast buffet had all the trimmings from fruit, yoghurts, croissants and muffins, to hot options and a chef who could make you your eggs to your taste.

Dominique-in-the-city-Victoria-Junction-Protea-Hotel-8 Dominique-in-the-city-Victoria-Junction-Protea-Hotel-9 Dominique-in-the-city-Victoria-Junction-Protea-Hotel-11

The unfortunate incident with a creepy neighbour

On the first afternoon, I was waiting for a lift to go up to my room when I was joined by a man. I was polite and said hi. He asked my name, wanted to know if I would meet him for a drink. I said no. WEIRDO. He wanted my number. Then he wanted my room number. Queue freak out. I said no. But by this time the lift stopped at my floor and he got out with me. I thought this creep was going to follow me to my room. I stood my ground and told him to leave me alone. I walked passed my room to the end of the hall and ducked into the stairwell where I quickly messaged my mother (I know, right). After 2 minutes, I looked down the hall and he was gone.

So, having been off the market for over a decade, maybe I read this wrong. But I trust my gut feeling about this incident. What would you have done?

This incident in no way affected the rest of my stay or my feelings towards the hotel. It’s not their fault that there are creeps out there. Although, in saying that, since when does being polite warrant being pursued like that? It does suck that as a woman I am more vulnerable when traveling on my own. But will that ever stop me from doing so? Absolutely not.

I stayed at the Protea Hotel Victoria Junction on my own dime and would recommend it highly to those visiting the Mother City.

Protea Hotel Victoria Junction

Corner of Somerset and Ebenezer Road, Green Point



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