Pablo Eggs-Go-Bar in Melville

The much anticipated, brand new Pablo Eggs-Go-Bar has opened in my neighbourhood of Melville. Serving breakfast every day of the week, day or night. Every single meal on their menu includes the superfood: Eggs.

I arrived on the morning of their first official opening day, excited to see what their menu had to offer. Eggs and soldiers, omelettes, egg and salad, eggs sunny side up with avo and tomato, shakshuka and so much more.

They serve freshly squeezed juices in creative combinations, particularly the Spanspek and Grapes was so refreshing and tasty! They have partnered up with Urban Grind for their coffee portfolio and they are serious about their coffee. So if you are looking for a new coffee spot, then Pablo Eggs-Go-Bar is one to try.

I ordered the Green Shakshuka, it was eggs baked in spinach and feta on a savoury crepe. The quality of the meal was outstanding and the portion was very generous. So generous, in fact, that I didn’t need to eat for the rest of the day. Breakfast that fuels you through to dinner is my kind of thing.

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While they are still waiting their liquor licence, they will be offering cocktails like Bloody Mary’s soon.

Find them at 2nd, 7th Street, Melville, Johannesburg

Their website is not up yet, but you can message them via their Facebook Page.

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