Joburg’s Jacarandas

My blog has been a bit quiet for the last couple of weeks and will probably remain so until the end of December. Work is hectic and I am also studying – which makes time to go out and shoot rather limited.

Today, however, I had to take some time out this afternoon just to get away from it all. I took a drive around my neighbourhood and took some photos of Joburg’s Jacarandas. Every year, between October and November the Jacarandas bloom for a couple of weeks transforming large parts of the city with their purple blossoms.

Here are some of my favourites:

dominique-in-the-city-jacaranda-1 dominique-in-the-city-jacaranda-2 dominique-in-the-city-jacaranda-5 dominique-in-the-city-jacaranda-7 dominique-in-the-city-jacaranda-8 dominique-in-the-city-jacaranda-9 dominique-in-the-city-jacaranda-10 dominique-in-the-city-jacaranda-11 dominique-in-the-city-jacaranda-12 dominique-in-the-city-jacaranda-13 dominique-in-the-city-jacaranda-14 dominique-in-the-city-jacaranda-15 dominique-in-the-city-jacaranda-16 dominique-in-the-city-jacaranda-17 dominique-in-the-city-jacaranda-19 dominique-in-the-city-jacaranda-20

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