The Darling Wine Shop

The Darling Wine Shop is the home of Darling wines and carries the widest range of Darling wines in the world.The Darling Wine Shop

The Darling Wine Shop is a real one-stop wine shop, and you don’t just get a wide selection of Darling Wines, but also professional, knowledgeable and friendly service. You can expect heartfelt recommendations and gentle guidance in order to learn to appreciate new wines, all delivered with a twinkle in the eye by Charles Withington, a veteran with 40 years’ experience in the South African wine industry.

I spent some time with Charles recently at his shop and learned so much about the wine farms of Darling. Charles is a walking encyclopedia about wines, winemaking, and the beautiful town. I could have spent the whole day talking to him – he is fascinating.

Charles treated me to a blind tasting and a special tasting of the new Darlington Gin. I was encouraged to make my own cocktail – selecting from a variety of fresh fruits and flavoured tonics.  Darlington Gin is described as having the subtlest hints of Darling floral flavours making a true “Spirit of Darling”.

Charles has forty years of experience in the South African wine industry, twenty-five of which were spent with two large estates, and more recently, developing his own brand as négociant, sourcing wines for his own label. He is very ably assisted by his staff and family who are delighted to give advice on the wines in the store, and indeed answer almost any question about Darling and the West Coast!

The Darling Wine Shop The Darling Wine Shop The Darling Wine Shop The Darling Wine Shop The Darling Wine Shop The Darling Wine Shop The Darling Wine Shop


All the wines are sold at cellar door prices. If you are from out of town or want to replenish your stock, there is an online shop (free delivery to main cities and towns) as well.

Find The Darling Wine Shop in the quaint town of Darling, located on the West Coast Way Culture Route.

The Darling Wine Shop

Address: The Old Orchard, 5 Main Street, Darling

Contact: 022 492 3971 or 074 1941 711


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