Children’s Readings at Bridge Books

Children’s Readings at Bridge Books

My kids love books, I read to them every night at bedtime and I must say there are quite a few books I can recite in my sleep. I also grew up with a love for books and my mom would take us to the library every Saturday.Bridge BooksBridge Books Bridge Books

Last week I caught the owner, Griffin on Radio 702 discussing his Bridge Books shop.  I have wanted to visit ever since Heather from 2Summers wrote her blog on it. Griffin mentioned that they have Storytime for the kids every Saturday at 10:30 and I just knew that this was something  I would love to take my kids to.

Bridge Books is located at 85 Commissioner Street on the Mezzanine Level of City Central Food Hall. The building is so beautiful and must be bustling during the week when all the office workers frequent the stalls for lunch, coffee and or drinks at the bar after a long day.Bridge Books Bridge Books Bridge Books

Storytime at Bridge Books is a real treat

We arrived just after 10 am and yes, my boys were the loudest ones there. The inside of City Central Food Hall has a wonderful echo and my boys just went with it. After many “hellos” we made our way up the stairs to Bridge Books. This little bookshop has such a wonderful collection of books, which focus on African writers and books for kids in a wide variety of African languages!

Nossi is the resident storytime reader at Bridge Books and usually, reads one English book and another one in an African language. After everyone introduced themselves, Nossi began reading ‘Surprise, Suprise’ by Niki Daly.

Children of all ages are welcome and they have a giveaway every week. Names are put in an envelope and this week’s winner was Dean! He was so surprised – he received a Gruffalo package with stickers, activities and a poster. Bridge Books Bridge Books Bridge Books Bridge Books

Not just for kids

Bridge Books is a wonderful place to pick up your new favourite book and have a coffee from their excellent coffee shop (they also sell pastries and other refreshments).Bridge Books Bridge Books Bridge Books Bridge Books

Bridge Books

5 Commissioner Street
On the Mezzanine
City Central food hall

+27 79 708 4461


Every Saturday

10:30 – 12:00

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