Build Your Blog with Fashion Breed & Old Khaki

Last week I covered the #BuildYourBlog Workshop – a collaboration with Aqeelah from Fashion Breed and Old Khaki.

The fun, informative, food-filled morning saw 30 newbie bloggers learning everything from the basics of blogging to developing their writing and aesthetic, as well as how to approach brands and take their personal blogs to a business level.DSK20151114-1 DSK20151114-2 DSK20151114-4 DSK20151114-5 DSK20151114-6 DSK20151114-7 DSK20151114-8 DSK20151114-11 DSK20151114-15 DSK20151114-17 DSK20151114-24 DSK20151114-26 DSK20151114-27 DSK20151114-28 DSK20151114-29 DSK20151114-32 DSK20151114-33 DSK20151114-34 DSK20151114-35 DSK20151114-40 DSK20151114-41 DSK20151114-46 DSK20151114-47 DSK20151114-48 DSK20151114-49 DSK20151114-50 DSK20151114-51 DSK20151114-52 DSK20151114-54 DSK20151114-57 DSK20151114-58 DSK20151114-59 DSK20151114-61 DSK20151114-63 DSK20151114-64 DSK20151114-66 DSK20151114-67 DSK20151114-68 DSK20151114-69 DSK20151114-70 DSK20151114-71 DSK20151114-72

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