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I have been reading, with envy, of all the blogger visits to Babylonstoren for a while now. And you know that famous travel quote: “Don’t listen to what they say, go see.” I had to go, I was dying to visit. And on a recent trip to Cape Town, I roped my mom in to take me to this much hyped wine farm. I was excited, I had my camera ready and I was hoping my expectations were not too high. But I had nothing to worry about, Babylonstoren is perfection.

Babylonstoren is located just far enough out of Cape Town to make a day trip out of it. It is one of the oldest Cape Dutch Farms and offers a beautiful garden to get lost in, accommodation, a farm stall, where you can buy fresh bread, preserves and more; and two celebrated restaurants. You need to book at Babel, but the Greenhouse Restaurant will seat you on a first come, first serve basis. My mom and I had a memorable lunch at the Greenhouse Restaurant (more on that later). But I would try out both, which is a good enough reason to visit them again.

Before lunch, we enjoyed the architecture of the old buildings and walked through the beautiful gardens. The place was busy, but the gardens are laid out in a way that you don’t feel crowded. There are nooks and crannies to get lost in. We found ourselves next to a little river, which was off the beaten path.

I must say, that I may have overdone the photographing, but it was so beautiful there that I wanted to take photos of every single plant and building. I took so many photos that I split the them into three blogs.

Here are my favourite photos of the farm: Dominique-in-the-city-babylonstoren-117 Dominique-in-the-city-babylonstoren-4 Dominique-in-the-city-babylonstoren-5 Dominique-in-the-city-babylonstoren-6 Dominique-in-the-city-babylonstoren-7 Dominique-in-the-city-babylonstoren-8 Dominique-in-the-city-babylonstoren-9 Dominique-in-the-city-babylonstoren-10 Dominique-in-the-city-babylonstoren-12 Dominique-in-the-city-babylonstoren-13 Dominique-in-the-city-babylonstoren-14 Dominique-in-the-city-babylonstoren-16 Dominique-in-the-city-babylonstoren-18 Dominique-in-the-city-babylonstoren-20 Dominique-in-the-city-babylonstoren-21 Dominique-in-the-city-babylonstoren-23 Dominique-in-the-city-babylonstoren-24 Dominique-in-the-city-babylonstoren-25 Dominique-in-the-city-babylonstoren-26 Dominique-in-the-city-babylonstoren-27 Dominique-in-the-city-babylonstoren-28 Dominique-in-the-city-babylonstoren-30 Dominique-in-the-city-babylonstoren-33 Dominique-in-the-city-babylonstoren-35 Dominique-in-the-city-babylonstoren-36 Dominique-in-the-city-babylonstoren-39 Dominique-in-the-city-babylonstoren-40 Dominique-in-the-city-babylonstoren-41 Dominique-in-the-city-babylonstoren-42 Dominique-in-the-city-babylonstoren-44 Dominique-in-the-city-babylonstoren-46 Dominique-in-the-city-babylonstoren-47

Entrance: R10.00 pp payable at the gate.

+27 (0) 21 863 3852


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    Julia Wilson
    6th Jul 2016 at 2:25 pm

    I too am envious of everyone’s visits! I have seen and heard so much about Babylonstoren. It really does look lovely and I must make an effort to visit soon. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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