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27 Boxes Rooftop Night Market

Food markets are big in Joburg and the new kid on the block is the 27 Boxes Rooftop Night Market which takes place every Wednesday in Melville from 17:00 – 22:00. The market is held on the covered rooftop parking lot, so rain or shine, the show goes on. Enjoy gorgeous views of the sun setting over Melville from the rooftop market.

We arrived early, because we have small children and bedtimes have to be adhered to otherwise they turn into little gremlins. The market was decorated with pretty lanterns and bunting and we were greeted with amazing scents coming from each stall.

They cater for every taste: from fresh produce, to cocktails, beer, pizza, churros and so much more. They also have a DJ mixing up some laid-back music.

27Boxes, 4th Avenue, Melville, 2092 Johannesburg, South Africa


27 Boxes Rooftop Night Market – Dominique in the city

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