#012Central Instawalk

Yesterday I attended the first #012Central #InstaWalk in the Pretoria CBD. It was headed up by Adriaan Louw, photographer and passionate Pretorian!

The walk started at the 012Central headquarters at Market on Main Pretoria. There were approximately 200 people and we walked around 3km. I absolutely loved the architecture.DSK20150919-1 DSK20150919-2 DSK20150919-3 DSK20150919-4 DSK20150919-5 DSK20150919-6 DSK20150919-7 DSK20150919-9 DSK20150919-11 DSK20150919-12 DSK20150919-13 DSK20150919-14 DSK20150919-15 DSK20150919-16 DSK20150919-17 DSK20150919-18 DSK20150919-19 DSK20150919-20 DSK20150919-23 DSK20150919-24 DSK20150919-26 DSK20150919-27 DSK20150919-29 DSK20150919-31 DSK20150919-35 DSK20150919-36 DSK20150919-38 DSK20150919-39 DSK20150919-40 DSK20150919-41We ended the #InstaWalk at Market on Main Pretoria, a wonderful market much like the Johannesburg market that is held at Arts on Main in Maboneng. Entrance is R20.DSK20150919-44DSK20150919-43DSK20150919-46 DSK20150919-47 DSK20150919-48 DSK20150919-51 DSK20150919-52 DSK20150919-53 DSK20150919-54 DSK20150919-55Market on Main takes place every Saturday at 012 Central, which is situated at 385 Helen Joseph Street, downtown Pretoria.

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